Press Coverage – ‘Tennessee’s Wild Side’


“In today’s go-go-go, everybody’s behind, got to get more done world, it seems like our work week keeps us stressed to the max. That makes our weekends even more important, as way to get out and get away from all the stresses of our jobs. But sometimes we’re just too busy to find different things to do or meet new people. One group of Middle Tennesseans has found away around that time crunch. They meet up through the internet…first on a webpage, then live and in person…and always with a common goal of outdoor adventure. Wild Side Guide Craig Owensby takes us to the woods with some members of the Nashville Hiking Meetup. From show 2807.”

Tennessee’s Wild Side, a nine-time Emmy Award winning series, is broadcast by all PBS stations in Tennessee and Kentucky. As a family oriented outdoor adventure show, Wild Side takes viewers from one end of the state to the other in seeking out interesting and entertaining segments highlighting outdoor activities from hunting, fishing and camping to conservation efforts. The longstanding series is a product of TRC Media, the media production division of The Jackson Foundation, and is sponsored by Tennessee State Parks.